About Commissions

I'm selective about the commissions I take on. I like to make sure beforehand that the customer understands that I have a specific style that may not be compatible with the customer's idea. For instance, I'm not the right artist for a person who wants a portrait of a person or a family smiling directly into the camera, but if you'd like a painting of your father catching a fish or of a woman laying in a field of flowers, then I'm the one! If you think you'd like me to create a custom painting for you, familiarize yourself with my style and the subject matter so we have a win win situation in the end. 

The commissioned painting seen here was to commemorate a woman's deceased husband who's name was Todd which means "fox." She wanted him leaping over his favorite river from the living world into the spirit world. His glasses were left on the shore because he wouldn't need them anymore.